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WTLI Exhibition

Where The Light Is: An exploration of negative space, depth and light 

This exhibition took place in  May 2023 and was a culmination of an exploration of form, depth and negative space, and how these components interact with the viewer and their environment.  Within these explorations, I created spaces where negative space or shadow can be brought to the forefront and in some cases projected.  While in many 2 dimensional pieces, I explore depth through various media to create contrast and movement within the compositions.



My art is a recollection of memories about my experiences, influences and stories I've heard.  I play with the duality of light, darkness and typography to create illusionistic aspects through mixed media.  In doing so, I create curious forms, shapes and puzzles that play with negative space.  Over the last 3 years i have been working to further my artistic skills by adding depth through the use of darkness or shadow, and to incorporate an interactive component.  

The interactive component involves interaction with the viewer and/or the environment, either through touch or movement.  Interaction with the environment involves lighting components that activate when the pieces are introduced to darkness.  Whereas more functional objects require interaction with the viewer through use, by turning the object on or off, and are designed to interact with the constant change of a home environment.  I incorporate these components into both 2D and 3D art.

WTLI Exhibition
Elizabeth Reeves

WTLI Exhibition

Video created by Elizabeth Reeves

Video photos taken by Matty Palamara

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